Comal River


Have Fun...And Be Safe!

Planning a trip to the Comal River?  Here's what you need to know!

Where To Go

100 Liebscher
New Braunfels, TX 78130

Contact Info

Park Administration Office  (830) 221-4350

Looking for info on restaurants, hotels, and other attractions? Check out the Play In New Braunfels website.

Hours of Operation

The Comal River is always open for recreation, and is only closed during times of high water or for public safety. River Access Parks are open daily from 6am to midnight. Lifeguards are on duty at the City Tube Chute during weekends in May and daily from June to mid-August. Lifeguards are not present after Labor Day. 

Comal River Flow Guide

See the latest River Flow for the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers in and around New Braunfels, courtesy of the Comal County Engineer's Office:  Real Time River Flow Info

Flow River Status
100 - 500 cfsRecreational flow - all recreation activities are available
500 - 600 cfsUse extreme caution - all activities questionable - flows of this magnitude are usually
caused by rainfall and involve turbid water and floating debris - contact river
outfitters for more information
600+ cfsThe Comal River is usually closed at this flow rate

Parking Info

Using an outfitter?

River Outfitters typically have on-site parking at no charge AND they provide shuttle service to and from the river. 

Contact the outfitter of your choice for more information.

  1. Parking Map
  2. Parking Lots & Fees

Comal River Parking Map

Be advised, most parking lots are Pay-to-Park (using the ParkMobile smartphone app) and parking fees are non-refundable. 

NOTE: Parking along most residential streets is prohibited. (Use this interactive map to see where parking is and is not allowed)

RIVER map-2022 Opens in new window

How to Go Tubing

  1. Use an Outfitter
  2. Rent Tubes from the City
  3. Bring Your Own Tube
  4. Lost Items

Use a Comal River Tubing Outfitter

A River Outfitter is your one-stop shop for enjoying the Comal River in New Braunfels. Typically, their prices range from $15 to $22 per person, which often includes parking, shuttle service (to and from the river), tube rental, and other fees. 

Please contact an outfitter directly for more pricing information and the specific services they offer:

444 Tubing - (830) 730-8740
Comal Tubes - (830) 387-4408
Corner Tubes - (830) 626-6687
Felger’s River Center - (830) 625-4003
Landa Falls - (830) 627-1440
Landa River Trips - (830) 625-5889
NB Toobs - (830) 302-7878
Rockin’ R River Rides - (830) 620-6262
Tejas Tubos - (830) 627-1965
Texas Tubes - (830) 626-9900
The Float In - (830) 213-2355

More information about tubing with an outfitter is available at

What Can I Bring?

River Rules 2020

No Disposable Containers: This includes plastic bottles, aluminum cans, zip-top bags, glass bottles, styrofoam cups or coolers, cardboard boxes, food wrappers, etc.

No littering

No volume drinking devices

No containers under 5 fluid ounces (including containers for jello shots)

Noise devices (radios, boom boxes, speakers, etc.) may not be audible beyond 50 feet

No jumping from bridges or overpasses

Only 1 cooler per person

Coolers can be no bigger than 30 quarts and must have a locking or latch mechanism

Limit of two tubes per person

Tubes or other floatation devices cannot exceed 5 feet (60 inches) in length, width, or diameter; most double tubes are over 5 feet and are not allowed

Canoes and kayaks cannot be over 18 feet (216 inches) in length and may not use the Last Tubers Exit on weekends and holidays