Short Term Rentals

Short term rentals are one- or two-family dwellings that are rented for overnight lodging for less than 30 days at a time. Hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, resort properties, apartment unit rentals, or dwellings that are rented for a period longer than 30 days are not considered short-term rentals. Permits and annual life safety inspections are required for all short-term rental units within the city limits. Any one- or two family dwelling advertised as a short-term rental on home sharing websites such as AirBnB, VRBO, HomeAway, etc. must be permitted before the advertisement is posted.

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To register your property for a Short Term Rental in New Braunfels, please submit a Short Term Rental Registry application through our online permit portal

46ea7b4e-3c0a-4b70-9e5c-b0adb3a16a5a (1)Where can I operate a short-term rental?

Eligibility to operate a short term rental depends on the zoning and land use classification of a property. To view where short term rentals are authorized, not authorized, or authorized with special permitting, please visit the city's Short Term Rental Web Map.

To request a determination of short-term rental eligibility for your property please submit a short-term rental determination form through our online permit portal.

  1. Short Term Rental Regulations
  2. Registering a Short Term Rental
  3. Current Short Term Rental Permit Holders

Short Term Rental Regulations

The following requirements apply to all short-term rental units within the City Limits:

  • Short-term rentals are not allowed in any residential zoning districts. 
  • A special use permit must be obtained in all non-residential zoning districts, excluding C-4, C-4A, and C-4B.
  • Short-term rentals are not allowed in the floodway (not the floodplain.)
  • Hotel occupancy taxes are required to be paid on a monthly basis.
  • Annual life safety inspections are required from the Fire Marshal’s Office. 
  • Maximum occupancy of two (2) adults per sleeping area, plus an additional four (4) adults.
  • A minimum of one off-street parking space, not including the garage, must be provided per sleeping area.
  • A decal with emergency contact information must be visible at the entry of the short-term rental.

This list is for informational purposes only and is not a comprehensive description of all short-term rental regulations. To review all regulations for short-term rentals, please visit the ordinance here

Additional Resources

  • If you suspect a short-term rental is unregistered, please report it using the Short Term Rental Complaint Form.
  • To check the zoning of your property, you can use the City’s Interactive Zoning Map. Once you have located your property, you can click on it to open a pop-up that will link you to your zoning district’s ordinance.
  • To check if your property is located in the floodway, you can use the City’s Interactive Flood Zone Map.