Historic Preservation

New Braunfels Main Plaza Bandstand

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The Office of Historic Preservation is dedicated to the protection, enhancement, and perpetuation of the landmarks and districts of historical and cultural importance throughout the City that make our community unique and tell the stories of our past. The preservation and promotion of these landmarks and districts is critical to the promotion of the economic, educational, and general welfare of the public. 

Our office encourages the creation of local historic districts and local historic landmarks significant in our past. We also work with the City's Historic Landmark Commission to oversee the design review process for exterior alterations and new construction in our historic landmarks and districts.

Currently, there are four Local Historic Landmark Districts in the City: The Mill Street Historic District, The Downtown Historic District, The Sophienburg Hill Historic District, and the Stock Historic District. These districts represent the unique confluence of time and place that shaped the identify of generations of citizens and produced significant historic, architectural, and cultural resources that constitute our city's heritage.

For questions regarding Historic Preservation in New Braunfels please contact Katie Totman at (830) 221-4086 or ktotman@newbraunfels.gov