City Attorney


Department Overview

The City Attorney's Office handles all legal aspects of municipal representation for the City of New Braunfels by providing representation and legal advice to the City, its elected and appointed officials, the New Braunfels Industrial Development Corporation and approximately 27 boards and commissions, and City employees. The City Attorney's Office handles the prosecution of all municipal offenses. The City Attorney and staff cannot provide legal advice to private citizens on personal legal matters.

View the New Braunfels Code of Ordinances.

Mission Statement

The Office of the City Attorney strives to provide the highest quality municipal legal services to the City, its elected and appointed officials, and its employees in the most efficient manner feasible through adherence to the following guiding principles:
  • Quality and service - Achieving high customer satisfaction as judged by our clients;
  • Partnership and teamwork - Working cooperatively internally and with our clients to achieve the City's goals;
  • Integrity and candor - Acting with a commitment to honesty and ethical behavior;
  • Dignity and diversity - Demonstrating esteem for the worth of each individual;
  • Innovation and imagination - Seeking novel and creative approaches to achieving the City's objectives.

Staff Directory

  1. Valeria Acevedo

    City Attorney

  1. Frank Onion

    First Assistant City Attorney

  1. Nathan Brown

    Assistant City Attorney

  1. Sydney Bridger

    Assistant City Attorney/Prosecutor

  1. Savannah Koehler


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