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Panther Canyon Nature Trail

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Panther Canyon is located in Landa Park from Landa Park Drive to Ohio Avenue and offers multiple trail options.

About the Trails

Panther Canyon covers 49 acres and begins near the headwaters of the Comal Springs which are fed by waters of the Edwards Aquifer emerging within the Balcones fault zone. The trails ascend the Balcones Escarpment into the Edwards Plateau under the shade of oaks, Ashe juniper, cedar elm and under-story trees including Mexican buckeye, kidneywood and Texas persimmon.

The Canyon Trail crosses a dry creek bed of an ephemeral stream that only flows during or immediately after a rain. The gently sloping pedestrian trail leads visitors approximately six-tenths of a mile through the Balcones Escarpment. 

The Small Loop offers access off of Ohio Avenue near New Braunfels High School, and includes approximately half a mile of moderately strenuous trails with a variety of flora and fauna.

In November of 2023, the City of New Braunfels, in partnership with the Comal Trails Alliance(CTA), opened a new trail section. Known as the “Rim Trail,” this section also begins at the headwaters of the Comal Springs, is approximately three-quarters of a mile long, and is considered moderately strenuous due to elevation changes when compared to the original Canyon Trail, which is relatively flat.

Hikers should allow at least 1.5 hours to explore all 1.8 miles of trails.

Download the Panther Canyon map/kiosk