Alcohol Permitting

New TABC Permits:

If you are a new business needing to obtain a permit or license you must complete the TABC applications and pay associated fees.

*Effective May 1st,2021, all credit/debit card transactions will incur a 2.75% processing fee. 

City of New Braunfels Permits:

Once you have obtained the TABC permit, you will receive a notice from the City of New Braunfels City Secretary's Office to pay the appropriate fee equal to one-half of the state fee. (Sec. 11.38 and 61.36, Texas Alcohol Beverage Code) for your Alcohol Permit. However, Mixed Beverage Permit holders will also receive a notice from the City Secretary's Office during the third year of operation following the issuance of the Mixed Beverage Permit and a fee equal to one-half of the state fee will be due.

Section 11.38(e) Local Fee Authorized, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, allows TABC to deny or cancel a permit for the retail sale or service of alcoholic beverages, including a permit held by the holder of a food and beverage certificate, if it finds that the permit holder or applicant has not paid delinquent property taxes due on that permitted premises or from a business operated on that premises. 

Fees will vary according to the type of beer, wine, or liquor permits and licenses required for the operation of your establishment. For more information on fees, please contact 830-221-4005.

Important Notice: City of New Braunfels fees must be paid in addition to state TABC fees. 

The City Secretary's Office will mail out statements to all expiring permit holders.

Beer and Wine Permit Costs

*Permits are good for two years, must renew after the two years*
Code Type of Permit/License City of New Braunfels Fee
BG Wine & Malt Beverage Retailer's  $175.00
BE Retail Dealer's On-Premise  $150.00
BQ Wine & Malt Beverage Retailer's Off-Premise $60.00
BB General Distributor's  $300.00
BF Retail Dealer's Off-Premise  $60.00
BC Branch Distributor's  $75.00
BP Brewpub $500.00
J Bonded Warehouse $150.00

Liquor Permit Cost

*Permits are good for two years, must renew after the two years*
Code Type of Permit/License                                           City of New Braunfels Fee
X General Class B Wholesaler's $300.00
LP Local Distributor's $100.00
BW Brewer's $1,500.00
Q Wine-Only Package Store $75.00
P Package Store $500.00
G Winery $75.00
W Wholesaler's $1,875.00
D Distiller's and Rectifier's  $1,500.00

New Braunfels Renewal Fees

*Exempt until third (3rd) year after issuance of original permit. **1st Renewal = 4th year of operation **2nd Renewal = 6th year of operation **3rd Renewal = 8th year and all subsequent renewals
Code Type of Permit Original 1st Renewal 2nd Renewal 3rd Renewal
MB** Mixed Beverage n/a $1,125.00 $1,500.00 $750.00