City Secretary


The City Secretary's Office is dedicated to delivering exceptional services and communication to the community and visitors, along with providing staff support to the Mayor and City Council. The City Secretary's Office responsibilities include:  Award of Excellence

  • Custodian of all official records of the City
  • Provides requested records through the Public Information Act
  • Oversees City Election process
  • Coordinates and schedules official City Council meetings, and prepares minutes to accurately reflect all proceedings and/or actions taken by City Council
  • Posting and compiling meeting agenda notices 
  • Responsible for publication, updates, and distribution of the Code of Ordinances
  • Coordinate and maintain applications and appointments to the 31 City Boards & Commissions
  • Provides support and assistance to the Mayor and members of the Council, and prepares proclamations
  • Maintains Cemetery records and deeds
  • Issues a number of permits including: City Alcoholic Beverage Permit, Cemetery Opening/Closing Permit, Vehicle for Hire Permit, Horse-Drawn Carriage Permit, Specialty Parking Permit, Water Recreation Shuttle Permit, Road Closure Application, Temporary Street Banner Application, and Wrecked/Abandoned Vehicle Storage Permit

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Contact Information

  1. Gayle Wilkinson

    City Secretary

  1. Matthew Schwarz

    Assistant City Secretary

  1. Natalie Baker

    Records Management Coordinator

  1. Jocelyn Schneider

    Administrative Assistant

  1. Tonya Williams

    Customer Service Ambassador