Horse Drawn Carriage Permitting

All items listed below must be submitted to the City Secretary's Office in order to receive a New Braunfels Horse Drawn Carriage operating permit. All fees are due when the application is submitted.

  1. Submit application packet to the City Secretary's Office by mail or in-person. Please be sure the following forms are included in your packet:
    • Name of Owner or person applying
    • Applicants home & business physical address
    • Applicants home & business telephone numbers
    • Description of carriage(s), including the passenger capacity of each
    • Description of horse(s) to be used, proof of annual Coggins Test and certification of health for each
    • Name & home address for drivers operating carriage(s)
    • Schedule of fares
    • Pick up & Drop off locations with written proof of private property owner authorization. Landa Park access requires City manager or designee authorization
    • Payment of annual fee
    • Certificate of General Liability Insurance
      • Please submit a Certificate of Insurance reflecting the issuance of a policy for comprehensive General (Public) Liability to include but not limited to the following
        1. Premises/Operation
        2. Independent Contractors
        3. Personal Injury
        4. Products/Completed Operations
        5. Contractual Liability
        6. Operation of Horse-Drawn Carriages
      • Such insurance coverage shall not be less than:
        •  Combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage per occurrence in the amount of $300,000
      • The City of New Braunfels shall:
        1. be named as additional insured
        2. be provided with waiver of subrogation
        3. be provided with 30 days advance notice, in writing of cancellation or material change in the insurance coverage
        4. Be provided with certificates of insurance evidencing the required insurance, prior to issuance of the license.

Linked below are the Horse Drawn Carriage Application and contact information. Please fill and submit an application by mail, in person, or by email.

Note: All credit/debit card transactions will incur a 2.75% processing fee. 

Learn more about the City Charter Code for Horse Drawn Carriages.