The Engineering Division provides comprehensive engineering and inspection services to the citizens of the City of New Braunfels and other city departments in order to protect the environment, manage the city's infrastructures, ensure public health, safety, and welfare. 

The Engineering Division provides reviews of subdivision plats and master plans, reviews and approval of commercial, residential permits, and public infrastructure. This also includes reviews of site preparation permits, capital improvement projects, evaluation of drainage and traffic requests, receives and processes Performance and Maintenance Bonds as well as Letters of Credit. This is to ensure that all proposed developments and capital improvement projects meet and are in compliance with city requirements and standards.


  1. Performance Bonds
  2. Maintenance Bonds
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Performance Bond Process

Performance Bonds are handled through the Engineering Division by the Engineering Coordinator. All questions, concerns and any correspondence should be addressed to the Engineering Coordinator.  The Engineering Coordinator will schedule all meetings if warranted. All requirements reflect the City of New Braunfels Code of Ordinance Section 118.

Before submission of a Performance Bond is accepted for plat recordation, final plat must be approved by planning commission and approved construction plans are required.

When submitting a Performance Bond the following is required:

  • All performance bonds must be in the forms acceptable to the city engineer and the city attorney.
  • Performance Bond signed by Principal and Surety.
  • Engineer of Record cost estimate (signed & sealed).
  • Recent pay application from Contractor (signed).
  • Plat/Subdivision number issued by the City must be on all paperwork.


  1. Details & Standards
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Development Requirements

Development requirements for subdivision and street construction are specified in Chapter 118: Platting Ordinance.

Rules and regulations governing construction, reconstruction, repair, maintenance or right-of-ways, addressing numbering, right-of-way access and management, excavation in the right-of-way, permits for excavation and performance of excavation are specified in

Chapter 114: Streets, Sidewalks and Other Public Places

Construction Plan Set and Report Requirements (2019) (PDF)

Construction Plan Notes


Sign and Pavement Marking Requirements

Design Standards

Standard NumberDescription
ST-013Curb and Gutter
ST-014.1Driveway Apron (Residential - One or Two Family) (Plan View)
ST-014.2Driveway Apron (Residential - One or Two Family) (Profile View)
ST-015.1Driveway Apron (Commercial - Multifamily - Industrial) (Plan View)
ST-015.2Driveway Apron (Commercial - Multifamily - Industrial) (Profile View)
ST-016Sidewalk (Residential)
ST-017Sidewalk (Commercial - Industrial)
ST-018Sidewalk (Business)
ST-019ADA Ramp
ST-020Cross Gutter
ST-023Riprap Headwall
ST-025Street Sign Details
ST-007Street Standards (Residential Collector)
ST-011Street Standards (Residential Local)
ST-012Street Standards (One Family Residential Large Lot No Parking)
ST-100Trench Repair Details